Monday, June 11, 2012

the impression that i get

I guess I'm a romantic (See addiction to terrible romance novels).

But in this day and age that  we live in, there is little use for that.

So when I saw the "I Saw You's" in the Gerogia Strait, I was shocked that this kind of romantic spirit still exists.

I was also shocked that so many of them are not creepy/stalkerish/weird.

I guess thats what comes with being a romantic in a realist's world.

Dress- Forever 21
Vest- Value Village
Necklaces- Value Village
Bracelets- Street Vendor in Puerto Rico
Shoes- Shop in Paris


  1. Love the shoes, the dress... the ... everything!!

  2. This is a very pretty and romantic outfit and the shoes are awesome.

  3. I love your romantic outfit. I think the world needs more romantics. It's really just another word for optimists, and we rock. You are so gorgeous, BFF.

    1. I agree BFF, romantics make the world go round!

  4. This is so beautiful, I love how you paired the vest with the dress :)

    1. Thanks, I'm obsessed with denim vests right now, they are so easy to wear with...everything!!

  5. I've never worn a dress with my denim vest. I really love this look! Your dress is so lovely.


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