Wednesday, September 21, 2011

survival 101

I have not mentioned this before but about 6 months ago, I was hit by a car while walking. 

I survived and I am owing that survival to my leather jacket's secret powers. 

I know for one it has invisibility powers because when I first bought it, I hid it from boyfriend and he didn't find it for a long time. Then one day, he opened the trunk of my car and the jacket was really surprised so it couldn't become invisible fast enough; consequently, boyfriend located it.

Another power it has is making its wearer more durable so instead of getting pulverized by a car, I only got slightly mangled.

I highly suggest adding a magical leather jacket to your wardrobe, you never know when it may come in handy.

Leather Jacket- Le Chateau
T-Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Tights- Urban Outfitters
Ring- Vintage
Boots- Winners


  1. you were hit by a car? i'm glad you are okay, btw i love the jacket ^^


  2. great jacket! my leather jacket is my all time fav! i don't know if mine has magical powers though.

  3. they're totally magical! i know! they can make even my pjs look cool hhehe i have tons of leather jackets: 4 in back 3 in taupe and 2 on beige. my mom says they totally look the same but hey it's the little things that make them special

  4. oh i love your outfit; and btw am glad you are ok now thank God for the jacket xx

  5. Oh my, Glad you're okay :) Take care always babe!

  6. I will definitely have to take my magic meter next time I'm shopping for a leather jacket. They're such great tools to toughen up an outfit and keep it from going too girly or young. Glad yours kept you only slightly mangled instead of pulverized! Otherwise we'd have missed out on seeing all your lovely outfits and hearing your hilarious stories like bike crawling!

  7. That is a hell of a good excuse for buying a leather jacket. I may have to use it.

    Also, very scary story!! Glad you're ok!


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