Wednesday, September 14, 2011

dick and jane

One day boyfriend and I were long boarding around the streets of Vancouver, when we ended up at Spanish banks. We fell asleep gloriously in the sand using our longboards as pillows. It was pure amazing-ness.

When we awoke, we said to each other "LET'S PARTY!"

All I had with me was a little sun dress that I had been playing in all day.

So boyfriend and I bombed to some vintage stores on Granville where I bought some darling pants.

The rest is history...

that I can't remember...

due to partying...

Pants- True Value Vintage
Shirt- Naf Naf
Scarf- Naf Naf
Shoes- Go Jane


  1. I love your writing. Seriously. :)

    Ooh Naf Naf!! So cute, and I love this outfit! Randomness: I went shopping when I was in Paris, the one and only time I've been in Europe, and my friends and I stumbled upon the Naf Naf store on the Champs-Elysees. Only store on that street with things I could afford. They were so kind and even stayed open late so we could try on everything. Happy shopping memories.

  2. i love the pictures looks like you were having lots of fun and your outfit is so gorgeous.


  3. Really cool pictures! I love the movement!


  4. I love how even your plait is leaping in the air! V. cool photos. I like that you're having fun and not just standing about with a pout and that you actually have a story with your outfit.




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